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Good Catholics come under attack in a new era of Catholic Bashing

Many of us have dedicated our entire lives to the service of others, only to find horrible allegations surface, some twenty, thirty or even fifty years after the fact, that say we have done wrong, when each of us know we've only acted with the Lord as our shepherd, and naught but good in our hearts.
There is no greater crime on earth than hindering the work of God and the charity of those who serve him.
Fabricating Crimes - The Nations New Millionaires
After hundreds of years of faithfully serving the communities in which we work, men of the cloth have come under fire in recent years for alleged improprieties. We swear vows of poverty and chastity in order to best serve the Lord our God free from the distractions so many of our congregation face each day. We operate orphanages, schools of all level and some of the most advanced hospitals around the world, and we don't do these things in order to earn a profit or personally gain in any way – we do it because it is our calling.

The statute of limitations has long expired on these so called crimes, and while no proof or evidence can be shown, and no criminal charges can be brought, many of us see our careers ruined, our reputations shattered, and our life of thankless servitude destroyed.

And for what?

Many of these "victims" suffer from alcohol or drug dependency, or have endured failed marriages or deep emotional problems, so they turn, not to the Lord, but to blaming others for their own shortcomings. They turn to blaming priests for what likely did not happen decades ago, and they ask for millions of dollars for things for which there is no proof, and only to justify themselves.

In the past few years it has become very popular to blame the Catholic Church, but Catholic bashing is not the solution, it is the problem. We all have problems we must face, but when it comes to piling on the Catholic bashing bandwagon, the real victims are the dutiful men of the Lord who have selflessly given so much, only to be taken for that much more. For money we do not have, for the respect we've worked our lives to earn, for the trust that's been imparted to us by countless parishioners, and for the very thing we love the most… service to our flock.

Some create these lies for financial gain, to persecute our Christian faith, to justify failures in their own lives, or to somehow rationalize their own latent homosexuality. Many of the accusers do not wish ill will, but have been convinced by the mental health community that these things truly happened, through a known process of systematic suggestion over time, even though no such things took place. This organization is not here to judge them, for only the good Lord can do that, and He will in His time, nor to cast blame or offer justifications, but to support the brothers and fathers who have been so wrongly accused.

Through our unity we shall overcome. We join together to see the accused vindicated, the defrocked put back on the pulpit, and the convicted commuted. As certain as our collective vows of chastity remain intact, so shall our reputations.

Let's face the facts, with God as our witness, we are the victims.

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