Please Support Our Fight
Please support our organization and our fight for our faith, our members, the truth, defense of those who cannot defend themselves.
Given the considerable monetary incentive in directly accusing you of child molestation, and the fact that over $2,000,000,000.00 has been awarded to date, extorted from the churh, there can be no question that you might be next. It's wise to adopt a defensive position and start doing everything you can to protect yourself.
Don't be the next victim of child molestation accusations blind-sided by unimaginable evil. Start preparing yourself, just in case.
We'll not only help you fight, we'll make sure you win.

Here are just some of the many ways we will help you:

Prayer – Our dedicated prayer tree will fan out far and wide, adding your cause to the many for which we already pray. You, best of all people, surely understand the value of such efforts.

Legal Defense Fund – Upon review of your case, and our ability to ascertain its merits, you will have access to our legal defense fund and pro-bono attorneys in defense of your situation. In many cases, getting your job back is out of the question, but receiving a sizable settlement for your hardship is not. We only ask you give back a portion of your award for the defense of future cases, as this is an integral component of our survival plan over time.

Letter Writing Campaigns – We will orchestrate movements to encourage everyone involved with your case, from the judge at the top, down to his wife and siblings, further down to his house staff, and yet further down to those he knows, his constituents and even the staff at his favorite restaurants and cafes. If a judge, prosecutor, "victim" or anyone else even remotely attached to this case doesn't feel the pressure, we're not doing our job. Our letter writing campaigns are relentless and deep, sometimes to the verge or harassment, but it we need to write a letter to Howard Schulz as the CEO of Starbucks, telling him we'll boycott their products if they don't refuse service to the "victim" or juror #7, that's what we'll do to see justice be done.

Direct Accuser Contact – When letters aren't enough, we vow to orchestrate public demonstrations. We may protest in front of the accusers house with signs outing him as a faggot (to which he's confessed in his accusation, technically), or we may stand in front of his son's school with signs saying "Jermain's Dad had Gay Sex in 1976". If we have to go to the country club with the signs, we will, because desperate times call for desperate measures, and as long as it's us doing this, and not you, it's free speech.

Letters of denial

Find persons with whom you've worked, or whose lives you have impacted, and ask them to write letters of denial. These can be very simple, stating how long they have known you, in what capacity, and the plain fact that you have never behaved inappropriately around them. Once written, you can forward copies to your parish, bishop, archbishop, and so on up the line. This is only the beginning, but the journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single step.

Affidavits from persons not molested

Further, find young persons (even if they are now much older) with whom you have served over the years, and ask them to complete notarized affidavits of non-molestation. This is a more rigid form, and requires the signature of a state licensed notary, but states under penalty of perjury that you have worked with them, and that you never molested them in any way. It is helpful if the persons in question are especially attractive, and of both sexes, as to show how resolute you have been in your vow of chastity. If the person was also in a high risk group for molestation, such as a runaway, orphan or child of drug addicted and absent parents, it will further add credibility to your claims, since these are the most likely candidates for such abuses. These affidavits should likewise be copied and mailed to all relevant parties, including the prosecuting (plaintiff) attorneys pertinent to the case.
Once you're member inside our system there are many ways we assist you in your particular situation. First and foremost, you have to acknowledge that you did no wrong, and that no future evidence will surface to prove that wrong was committed. We can't afford to spend tens of thousands and hundreds of hours defending you, if your own diary will be discovered with your confession written inside of it in your own handwriting. That's an impossible case, but you must understand our need for honesty.

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