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Please support our organization and our fight for our faith, our members, the truth, defense of those who cannot defend themselves.

After hundreds of years in the service of God's people, the true ministers of the Catholic faith have come under relentless fire in recent decades, forced to defend an unimaginable battery of baseless claims. We stand together in defense of these charges. Only God can judge a man, but opportunistic attorneys, Over the last couple decades and again more recently, Godless judges and individuals unhappy with their lives have joined to do just that.
It's time to start protecting the Catholic Church and those that have devoted their lives to bringing us all closer to God.
Over $2,000,000,000.00 to Date, Robbed From God and Our Members
Courts in July 2007 awarded $660,000,000.00 to plaintiffs claiming sexual impropriety against children, and with so much money on the table, it's no wonder so many "victims" have come forward. To date, the Catholic Church has been ransomed and extorted for over 2 Billion Dollars and that number will no doubt continue to rise at the direct expense of serving the members of the church and its many charitable endeavors.

The attorneys, in the most recent settlement regarding “allegations” who only worked on the case for a few years, will collect more than $220 million in fees for bringing this case to court, so the motivation they have is clear. This is not revenge, but robbery thinly disguised as a moral crusade against the very God and religion the Church exists to serve. The judges are under pressure from the vast leftwing atheists to continue suppression of the faith, so their complicity comes as no surprise. Our organization is made up of many defrocked priests, as well as many men still working in the faith, who understand the difficulties created by the greed of man when it collides with an all-too-convenient myth.

We are not blaming children, saying something like "they made me do it" or "the rules were so lax I'd have been crazy not to partake of him," but saying instead what we've always vowed. We seek not wealth, not fame, not sins of the flesh or excess, but to serve our congregation in the way He has called us to.

We stand together in unity, speak with a single voice, and demand our good names and positions of servitude be restored.
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